Video Sharing for everyone

PrimeShare.TV provides everyone with the features needed to upload
and share your favorite personal videos. Our service is unique yet
similar to other video streaming services like Amazon CloudFront ©.

The advantages are on hand. Because we take care of the servers and
supply you with an easy to use Website, you don't have to take
care of the dirty work. Just upload your videos and we do the
storing & encoding of your files while enjoining the easy way to share them with your friends.

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Ease of use

Our user panel is designed to maximize ease of use.
All information are on hand.
There is no technical knowledge required on your side. Everything can be used intuitively.

Rapid processing

Our servers are laid out to handle extreme loads. We always keep backup servers ready to deal with heavier loads on the fly. This infrastructure provides you an unique service.

Take control

Using our efficient file manager you have everything at the tip of your fingers. Edit, delete and manage your Files easily.
It is so simple!

Available 24/7/365

Our servers are designed to handle worst case scenarios. Your Files are stored on multiple servers and are safe even in the event of parts of the system shutting down.

Fully trained staff

If you have questions or need some help, feel free to contact our staff during the office hours. We provide support by E-Mail.

HD Streaming

We use a professional and modern streaming technology, which reproduces your videos in brilliant quality. Just enjoy the new movie feeling.